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Mamay Inn Resort

Mamay Inn Resort   Overview: If you’re staying in Davao City for a night with your friends and family then Mamay Inn Resort is the perfect place for you. One reason for this is the amenities this resorts can offer.... Continue Reading →


Malagos Garden Resort ( Davao City )

Malagos Garden Resort   Malagos Garden is one of the oldest and popular place to visit when you're in Davao City.  It’s a 1.5 hours ride if you're taking a commuter jeep and 1-hour ride if you're going to ride a... Continue Reading →

D’ Leonor Inland Resort

  Overview                          When my friend told me that we were going to D’ Leonor resort. I was expecting it was just a hotel that has a motel design... Continue Reading →

Bega Falls

Bega Falls of Agusan Del Sur Overview A still unpopular place for Filipinos but this falls has enormous potential in tourism not only in Mindanao but in the whole Philippines. Prior to my visit, my expectation was not that high... Continue Reading →

Libuacan Cold Spring

  Libuacan was our second stop in our Barobo Exploration with my group TOP. I knew beforehand that we are going to Libuacan but with less expectation. But i guess it is true that less expectation has more revelation. When... Continue Reading →

Cabgan Island of Barobo

Cabgan Island of Barobo

Sohoton Cove National Park

Sohoton Cove National Park  The best place in Mindanao Overview Sohoton have always been compared to El nido or qouted “ the small El nido of the Philippines" I will now have authority to comment on this debate since I've... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Travel and Tours in Davao City

    5. Rohan Travel and Tours My review of Rohan can't be manifest into full context because I haven't experience their tour personally. I was able to do a transaction with Rohan when my tita from abroad ask me... Continue Reading →

Loleng’s Mountain Spring Resort

Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort review If theres anything i want to suggest for the resort. That is to improve their amneties in their children playground. My daughter really enjoy their playhouse and she plays there for almost 3 hours. While... Continue Reading →

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