For the second time Mount Puting Bato didn’t disappoint me and it gives me more reason to come again to this overview scenic place.


Regarded as an abode to countless climbing adventures of several mountain-climbing aficionados and even to that of first-time trekkers, Mount Puting Bato has been dubbed as one of the famous tourist spots to explore in Island Garden City of Samal. Mt. Puting Bato is nestled in Baranggay Guilon of Samal boasting of its soaring height of 1,345 ft above sea altitude.

For those who would like to experience what it’s like to reach a mountain that can be accessed easily, Puting Bato is definitely the ideal target to experience such worthwhile climb. Its summit can be reached thru two kinds of trails. The easier one, which is that of Tayapoc Trail, is highly-recommended for beginners while the Guilon Trail is suggested for the expert climbers. Tayapok Trail from the jump off point to the summit entails only a short trek of 50 minutes which passes thru an open path and lush highlands. Guilon Trail on the other hand requires around 2 hours climb from the jump off region, passing by narrow tracks and thick grasses.- credit to Samal Guide

In this trek we hike the Tayapoc Trail because I am with my family. Agila and chaka Dora really enjoy the park at the peak.


So tara na sa Puting Bato Peak

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