Villa Azarcon has it’s own charm that irresistible for a traveler for his family. There’s is a Mini Zoo for the kids that will enhance their awairnes about animals. There’s also a cottage that will your feet wet. What I admired mos when I got here was the cleanliness of the place and its big slide going down to the water.In our Surigao Exploration, we got here before we go in Green falls which is near to this place.

We stayed here for 45 mins so I really have no idea about the rates and it’s accomodation but while I’m making this blog I made a research and I got this information from

Reviews of KSPY:

(I first gushed about a cascade’s visual impact when I was a kid vacationing in Sagbayan, San Miguel about 15,375 days ago. That summer our cousins invited us to a picnic in Panghasaan, a falls located in the navel of a primeval forest that’s part of the vast agricultural land owned by Lolo Endong.

Panghasaan Falls, as I remember it, is a multi-tiered cascading wonder with pools that come in different shapes and sizes. Young as I was then, it made me feel connected to a certain force of nature that was both primal and electrifying. Since then I had gone to many waterfalls, so many in fact that I had lost count. But I’m no junkie, which means I don’t embark on waterfall-chasing trips. However I do my own check-outs, especially the accessible ones.

And Cagpangi Falls in Villa Azarcon is very much accessible.

Just about 16 kilometers [or 20 minutes on average speed] from Tago, Cagpangi Falls is small and quiet. As it flows, it mesmerizes with its delicate beauty and watery grace. Comparing it to another of Surigao del Sur’s iconic falls using a musical metaphor, one may say that Tinuy-an Falls is hard rock while Cagpangi Falls is rhythm and blues.

Like all other falls, Cagpangi is seasonal: at times it gushes like a broken dam, other times it trickles like sweat. And its height is not impressive; but this becomes an advantage as Cagpangi Falls is not obscured by mists even when flowing at full volume. The better for the inner camwhores in tourists.

Canopied by a thick foliage that blows a cold mountain air, Cagpangi Falls is a natural cocoon for homo sapiens with weary heart and soul. But above all, it’s a place to celebrate nature and life because of its awe-inspiring power no matter how subdued.

Cagpangi Falls is part of Villa Azarcon, an inland resort in Barangay Cabangahan, Tago, Surigao del Sur. Because of its proximity, it’s now fast becoming the favourite weekend getaway of tourists who have no problem going there in private vehicles or PUJs because the road is already concreted.

Villa Azarcon fuses natural and man-made attractions. It has two kiddie and one adult pools built in ways that stoke the water babies in men and women.

With its rustic ambience, Villa Azarcon evokes an old world charm. And with its well-manicured grounds, it’s ideal for early morning yoga or Zumba and late afternoon picnics.

Owned, developed, and managed by Atty. Tonyboy Azarcon, Villa Azarcon offers air-conditioned cottages [P1,500 a night] and dorm-type accommodations [P250 per head]. It also charges each visitor with a 25-peso entrance fee .)

FALLS at Azarcon


We are just lucky that the when we got there the water is big. Most in the net the water in this falls is quite small and not that attractable.

So taRa na guyZ and explore Azarcon resort

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