December 24th of 2016 we went here as part of our Oplan Maguindano adventure. This was our last stop before going back to Davao city. This place is not only unique for its pink color mosque but most of the building around the place is also in color pink.It really shows how people here really sincere in there love for peace and equality.



Bright pink façade, bright pink walls, bright pink everywhere…the Pink Mosque easily stands out in the province of Maguindanao.

“[This is] the other side of Maguindanao,” writes Mindanao-based travel blogger Glen Santillan, acknowledging the province’s beauty, notwithstanding the violence here years ago.

In fact, this mosque, whose construction was initiated by Datu Saudi-Ampatuan Mayor Samsudin Dimaukom, was painted pink to represent peace and love, which he hopes will show another image of Maguindanao. Christian workers also helped build this masjid, symbolizing unity and solidarity between Muslims and Christians.- Rappler


“Resting while waiting”


If idol mo c hello kitty then pack your things and TarA na sa Pink Mosque!


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