Unplanned stop from our Cotabato Exploration, this is the place where my friends discourage me to go to. But they were too late because when I told them about the tunnel I was already been there. Even my FB friends who knows the history of this tunnel discourage me and said it’s dangerous to stop at this tunnel. What they didn’t know is that I sung inside the tunnel copying the famous movie scene in “Train in Busan”.



Crossing the tunnel is quite amusing because it will really give you goosbump upon walking there. But when your approaching outside you will see a wonders like huge rock and sea side.

We stayed here for 15 minutes and it includes crossing the tunnel, selfies, relaxing from long travel and wi-wi.


If you have a heart of a lion then tara na sa Malabang Tunnel…


For more information:

Youtube: Laking davao

Facebook: Laking Davao


All Pictures posted are not edited ( What you see is what you will expect )