Have you seen the movie ” The Beach “? It’s one of my favorite movie acted by Leo Di Caprio. I thought it’s only in imagination to go to such paradise that makes your saliva melt to null. Now I will tell you that Iv’e seen a similar and for me its much better place than the beach in the movie which is very crowded now. And this place is called Tidal Pool of Dinagat Island. Paradise plus uncrowded beach equals The Beach. Hehehehehe


When I got there I was amused with its cold water, water surrounded by rocky formation and most of all its elegant environment. Its really a treasure to hold on to my memory and a place worth to go to. I am really amazed in this place because despite of its mouth dropping beauty- still its uncrowded. This was our first stop in our Dinagat Island Exploration.This was also quoted as one of the most beautiful natural pool in the Philippines.



How to get there:

From Surigao City Seaport, there are boats and ferries going to San Jose between 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Trips beyond 2:00 PM are occasional. The travel time from Surigao City to San Jose is around 1.5 hours. The fare on the bigger ferry is ₱50 while ₱200 on the smaller boat.

So pack your things and dala ka na ng camera and tARa na punta na tayo sa Pangabangan Island!


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