Talikud island is part of Samal that makes Davao city a wonderful place to come. Crystal clear water with warm water makes this place a perfect weekend hung out in Davao area. Together with my family we rented a boat to go in Talikud island particularly in 3 destination namely Angel’s Cove, Babu Santa and Coral Garden. We can rent the boat to go in 7 destination but we want a slow and relaxing tour so we opt for 3 destination only.

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Day Trip Report: Talikud Island

One of the treats of Davao is that everything is pretty close. You can leave the city and in ten minutes be on a beach in Samal Island enjoying the sun and the view as well as crystal clear waters.

For those interested in a bit more adventure, consider hitting Talikud Island. It is a small island just off the southwestern tip of Samal. It takes a specially arranged charter to get there, but you won’t have the crowds or the bustle or development of Samal.

To see the island and spend a day there, you have a few options and varying price ranges. Most of the charters depart from Sta. Ana Pier downtown. This is where the dive shops cluster. There are probably a half dozen companies doing scuba.

On weekends, most of the shops have group excursions called Island Hopping where you can get to Samal and Talikud with a large group of folks wanting the same. Prices run around 500 pesos a person.

If you have a large group or just want to get out to Talikud, you can charter a boat during the week on your own from any of these companies. Price for most are in the 4500 to 5500 range and can accomodate anywhere from 18 to 31 persons. They usually throw in snorkeling gear gratis.

The boat transport to Talikud lasts about 30 minutes. You get great views of Davao City and, eventually, Mt. Apo. The beaches on Talikud are pristine and nearly empty. Each charter company has their own little cabana where you can cook out and get shade. There are also primitive restrooms if needed. It is really a little beach paradise and close to Davao.

It is just another option of a way to enjoy Davao.


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Day Trip Report: Talikud Island


Goodpace is/was my advisor. I alone spent one week in Davao/Samal island/and Tulikud after hearing his advices just one month ago. Tulikud can easily be reached, even on one’s own alone. I went there twice. My experience:-On sunday the resort Isla Reta(check it through youtube) has a big boat to invite passengers(can take 100 or more). Depart at 0900. 75 peso. You can have day tour on your own in the resort (entrance fee 75); During weekend, there is one pacific liner (regular boat service) to/from Sta Ana of Davao and Tulikud sta cruz pier. Isla Reta is 5 min walking away from sta cruz (passing through a small village)-50 P.Last boat back to Davao is 3pm.

Beach in Tulikud is better than most beaches in Samal if you believe me.




How to get there:

Davao city is the best place to go if you want to go in Talikud Island. Just go to Magsaysay and beside Magsaysay park is Port Sta.Ana.


So tARA na sa Talikud Island!!!!!!!


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Youtube: Laking Davao

Facebook: Talikud island

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