Kapayawan ridge is a 2 hour hiking activities in Bukidnon. It’s a good preparatory climb if you want to hike a major mountain like Mt. Kitanglad or Mt. Apo. Going to this place is 4/10 difficulty based on my assessment. We started our hike about 3 am in the morning and we arrived at Kapayawan around 5:15 am in the morning. While waiting for the sun and light to appear. Kapayawan is a good place to hike and it’s quite popular now in Travel and tours in Facebook here in Davao.

Hugot story:

Kapayawan is a beautiful mountain to climb but I guess the beauty it has can be measured differently by each individual. I’ts not a typical camping hike it’s more like preparatory hike stage 1. Most of my companions did not appreciate the beauty of Kapayawan due to lack of sleep and tiredness due to 2.5 hours of hike. Some others did not bring water and eats a lot of chocolate and chips that adds thirstiness in their trek. But in my experience, if we are talking about “Wow” factor I preferred more the plateau of Sanchez peak in General Santos than in Kapayawan. Anyway one of the reason that my heart was hurt climbing this mountain is because this is the last place where I took a video because my Action camera was lost during our side trip to Cedar falls. Hurt! Hurt! Hurt!

This pictures was taken from my Fuji JZ 300 point and shoot camera

Overall this place is for hikers who collects memories for their experience.

I guess it’s better to make camp here and not rushing going back to relax yourself.



For more Information:

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