Summer of 2017, when I went to Boracay as part of my Panay expedition with my team in Mindanao. I still have 3 days before I will meet my group so I decided to go solo in Iloilo, Guimaras, and Boracay. I really have no plan to go in Boracay but my senses provoke me to do so and after 6 hours of bus travel from Iloilo I was in front of Caticlan port


I paid 200 pesos overall from boat and environmental fees.

After 15 mins. of boat ride, the long awaited first step in Boracay was happened. It was almost 7pm when I got in Boracay shore and the first thing I notice beside the busy urban life here was the powdery sand. Even at night you can’t resist the charm of Boracay sand.


Night Life in Boracay



5 am in the morning when I woke up to see Boracay at day light. I waited for the sun and went to GROTTO and waited for minutes for the sun to come up.

I promise myself before I went to Boracay to walk from Station 1 to Station 3.


  END of Station 3


END of Station 1

Iv’e always compared other places here in Mindanao to Boracay but now I realized Boracay is really one of the best beaches in the world.

Solo in Boracay is really a reality.




The best sand I’ve ever seen


 Solo in Boracay is REAL


FEELING Piolo Pasqual

How to get to Boracay:

From the nearest Airport:

a. From Caticlan Airport – There will be a tourist information sheet that needs to be filled up per group (yup, not per passenger). Outside the small airport, tricycles are waiting for you. It costs P7 per head or P50 per chartered trip and would only take a two or three-minute ride to reach the Caticlan Jetty Port.
b. From Kalibo Airport – Lots of vans are waiting outside the airport for P200-250 per head which already includes the pump boat ride from Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay’s Cagban Port. The price of the van ride alone ranges from P175-225. Travel time is more or less 1.5 hours; also give a 30-minute allowance for some waiting time and unexpected delays just to be sure.
c. From Iloilo Airport – ( the route that I follow ) From Iloilo City I rode a bus going to Caticlan port and it took me 5 to 6 hours. I paid 300 plus pesos.
If your already in Caticlan Jetty port:
The fees and boat ticket booths are located outside Caticlan Jetty Port. There are two common options for the boat ride:  the more popular pump boat (P25) which departs every five minutes and the airconditioned Montenegro fast craft (P30). The latter seems to offer a more comfy ride but is very limited and has 30 (?) or so minutes of interval. Other fees include environmental fee of P75 (up from P50 last year) and terminal fee of P50.
The pump boat, environmental and terminal fees are to be paid in Windows 2 and 3 located at the left side of the port (facing the port). Montenegro fast craft (Window 1) is located at the right side.
Enter the port and have your bags and tickets inspected. Before boarding the boat, you have to list down your name on the boat manifest.
When your already in Aklan:
    Look for motorcycle going to your accommodation. I did rode habal-habal motorcycle and it cost me 70 pesos.


Boracay Backpackers


Nice place and very clean. Most of my roommates are from Europe ( Dorm Type ). And every afternoon they have acoustic singer if you want to relax. I will rate their accomodation 8.8 out of 10.

So TAra Na sa BORACAY!!!!!!!

( All pictures posted here are not edited )  

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