Isla Gigantes has a lot to offer. From picturesque islands, caves, trekking, snorkeling, and the most surprising activities food tripping. Yes !you’ve read it right. This place has the best sea foods based on my experience. From crabs, litson, scallops,lobster, shells, chicken, and  other sea foods.

Unlimited food is REAL


  1. The island hopping was the best thing to do in Isla Gigantes. Visiting Tangke which is a sea water lagoon was just perfect for a swim. Cliff dive was a plus factor! The Cabugao Gamay trip was just awesome for the island selfie wherein you can the see island itself in the picture. The sandbar was just perfect for a good walk and scenic view and the antonia beach was awesome for a tent sight full of travelers. Scallops were just very delicious for a meal.
  2. The place is enchanting and beautiful. Literally the photos doesn’t require any filters or photo editing- raw image will speak for itself.
    A great place for island hopping where you will absolutely enjoy the best catch of. seafood.
    The locals are very accommodating and friendly. Come and visit the place to re-discover a community with simple ways of living that is rich in natural resources.
  3. Very laid back and the perfect place to do nothing. Having lived in the city all my life I can’t imagine how people here can deal with everyday challenges that we take for granted – no mobile data signal, rotational electricity… there are only two boat trips going to the island and two going back to either estancia port or carles.
  4. I spent my birthday this year there. We bought a packaged tour from Iloilo Travel Max. We left Iloilo City at 5am and arrived at Estancia, Iloilo at 7am. A motorized boat was waiting for us there and the island hopping began. We passed by the famous Sicogon Island which is being developed to handle more tourists, then we stopped at the famous Las Islas de Gigantes which was named among the top 20 tourist destination in 2016. The scenic view was worth the ride as well as the clear water in the morning. We transferred to three more islands and stopped there for lunch. It was seafoods galore of scallops and winged oysters. So fresh and yummy! There was an island they named Mini Boracay, and indeed it was! Then we went to an inlet lagoon where you can see a secret design by nature, only if you swing in it! I saw it hahaha I won’t tell. The rock formations were awesome. We went back to Estancia proper after passing some islands still on our way back. We left before 5pm and we’re back in Iloilo City right on time for dinner! Perfect getaway without worrying where to stay. Accommodation in some islands were limited so we opted to go back to the city instead.
  5. I was impressed not just by the clean water and pristine beaches but by the view from the highest points in the islands. If you must go, do it while the place is not yet developed and polluted.







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So Tara na sa Isla de Gigantes!

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