All island hoppers knows that eyerytime we avail an island hoping tour there’s definitely a 2 to 3 highlights and the rest would be just a time waster place. But Isla gigantes of iloilo is different., its the justice league of island hoping. Yes all of the place included in the island is superbly beautiful. Every place has its own distinctive characteristic like eagle view island, island with twe different water current, biggest cave ive ever been, sandbar, and a lagoon surrounded by cliffs. Elite force of nature combined in one place.



The Gigantes group used to be called Sabuluag, or Salauag, which is the name of a species of tree endemic to the islands. During the Spanish colonial era, the name was changed to Gigantes. Local legend describes coffins found inside Bakwitan Cave that contained gigantic sets of human bones, which constituted the name change.[3] For this reason, locals also believe the island is inhabited by enkantos.

A lighthouse was built on Gigantes Norte some time before 1895. Designated ARLHS PHI-094, the white 38-foot-high (12 m) tower features a keeper’s house and a focal point 77 feet (23 m) in the air, which flashes once every ten seconds.[4] Lantangan Elementary School in Gigantes Sur has a student population of 1,144, which is higher than the populations of mainland schools


My feet was on this place:

  1.    Cabugao Gamay Island                                                                                                                                     The father of this place and thd most iconic place in the group of isla de gigantes. We only spend two hours in this place. Majority of my time was not spend in swimming rather in INSTAGRAMBLE pose and taking pictures. Hayzzzzw! I forgot to swim.


2. Tanke de Lagoon

After our palpable lunch our group headed to tanke (the missing piece of palawan). Yes its truly amazing eventhough ive already been in el nido. Still this thor of isla gigantes is truly the picturesque. Again because of oplan instagram, my mood didnt remind me to swim.


  1. Bantigue Sandbar

This sandbar is not that white compare to other sandbar like in mindanao. But it has its own charm like black widow. Among our group i was the only person who went to the farther part od the island. There’s a lot of rocks which makes a splashy effects when water strikes in it.


  1. Antonia Beach                                                                                                                                               I will tell you face to face this place is the ironman. This place is my favorite among the rest, because it has all the things you needed to validate yourself that your really in paradise. There is also an overview of the island which you can see two beaches in one shore. Its funny to see that the other side has a wavy water while the other one has a calm and steady water. This island should be called the twin island. We came here late afternoon so we were embrace by its strong wind that makes you feel that this wind is actually rejuvenating your Innerself. Everytime someone ask me what’s the best place in my own perspective, i always forgot this place. Maybe there’s a reason unconsciously.


  1. Little boracay

Our boatman bring us to this place and he called it little boracay.it was truly nice and the water is clear. A water that you can actually see a needdle under from 6 feet above. The water is cold even i was dry thd whole time.( i touch the water by my hand) hehehe is it valid now!? Grrr why i didnt swim!


  1. Pawikan Cave

After a good night sleep with my group mate. Its another  moment of advent and exploration.’we headed to our last journey in gigantes which is the cave. Its a walking distance from our place. Wait, i have to correct myself its hiking distance from our place. In my estimation its about 1 hour hike going up and 30 to 45 mins going back which is descending. The cave is huge and it was my first time to see that big. But what i like most is the accessibility and its like a walk in the park. But the beauty inside the cave is a jaw dropping experince. And again another instagram pose and taking pictures.


Things to do:


  1. Swimming

There’s different kinds of water here from lagoon, wavy, calm and relaxing, and crystal clear. Name it and isla gigantes has it all.


  1. Unli scalops

im sorry i dont want to write anything about it cause my mouth is now beginning to melt. Thank you for your understanding. If you had already experience it please dont commen below just to share your eating unli scallops experience.


  1. Talk to kids

THERES a lot of beautiful children in islas. If you have extra money you can buy for this angels pack of candy or biscuit before going to isla gigantes. Its not charity its about sharing happiness. Good vibes


  1. Wait for the sunset

They have an amazing and vibrant amber in this place.


  1. Chill

If I could just stay here for a little bit longer then i will just sit in antonia beach while jamming with my bluetooth speaker playing reggea or rock song.



Howto get here:

Airports: there are 2 option either you go in iloilo air or kalibo airport. In my part. I flew to iloilo aiport but i came from kalibo when i went to isla de gigantes.

via Roxas City and via Carles

  1. Book a flight to Roxas City. Cebu Pacific flies to Roxas twice a day. We booked using our GetGo points and got the flights for free!
  2. Ride a tricycle from the airport to Roxas City Transport/bus/van Terminal located at Pueblo de Panay.
  3. From the terminal, ride a bus/van bound for Estancia. Alight at Balasan. Important note: van rides are relatively faster because of fewer stops. Travel time: 1.5 hours
  4. From Balasan, ride a tricycle to Bancal Port in Carles. Travel time: 30 minutes
  5. From Bancal Port in Carles, ride a public boat to Gigantes Norte, Islas De Gigantes. Take note that there’s only one trip per day to Gigantes Norte. The boat departs Bancal Port in Carles at 10:00am daily. Travel time: 1.5 hours.

There’s another boat going to Islas de Gigantes from Estancia Port. It leaves at 2:00pm daily. The boat ride is longer if you take this route. If you’re coming from Iloilo City, Estancia Port is nearer. You may take a 2-hour van ride going to Estancia from Iloilo City’s van terminal in Tagbac.

Tourism Office located at Bancal Port in Carles, Iloilo – registration here is required by the local government

The boat ride back to Bancal Port from Gigantes Norte leaves at 1:00pm daily (once a day trip only).


Nomadic island food

Isla Gigantes has a lot to offer. From picturesque islands, caves, trekking, snorkeling, and the most surprising activities food tripping. Yes !you’ve read it right. This place has the best sea foods based on my experience. From crabs, litson, scallops,lobster, shells, chicken, and  other sea foods.

Unlimited food is REAL


  1. The island hopping was the best thing to do in Isla Gigantes. Visiting Tangke which is a sea water lagoon was just perfect for a swim. Cliff dive was a plus factor! The Cabugao Gamay trip was just awesome for the island selfie wherein you can the see island itself in the picture. The sandbar was just perfect for a good walk and scenic view and the antonia beach was awesome for a tent sight full of travelers. Scallops were just very delicious for a meal.
  2. The place is enchanting and beautiful. Literally the photos doesn’t require any filters or photo editing- raw image will speak for itself.
    A great place for island hopping where you will absolutely enjoy the best catch of. seafood.
    The locals are very accommodating and friendly. Come and visit the place to re-discover a community with simple ways of living that is rich in natural resources.
  3. Very laid back and the perfect place to do nothing. Having lived in the city all my life I can’t imagine how people here can deal with everyday challenges that we take for granted – no mobile data signal, rotational electricity… there are only two boat trips going to the island and two going back to either estancia port or carles.
  4. I spent my birthday this year there. We bought a packaged tour from Iloilo Travel Max. We left Iloilo City at 5am and arrived at Estancia, Iloilo at 7am. A motorized boat was waiting for us there and the island hopping began. We passed by the famous Sicogon Island which is being developed to handle more tourists, then we stopped at the famous Las Islas de Gigantes which was named among the top 20 tourist destination in 2016. The scenic view was worth the ride as well as the clear water in the morning. We transferred to three more islands and stopped there for lunch. It was seafoods galore of scallops and winged oysters. So fresh and yummy! There was an island they named Mini Boracay, and indeed it was! Then we went to an inlet lagoon where you can see a secret design by nature, only if you swing in it! I saw it hahaha I won’t tell. The rock formations were awesome. We went back to Estancia proper after passing some islands still on our way back. We left before 5pm and we’re back in Iloilo City right on time for dinner! Perfect getaway without worrying where to stay. Accommodation in some islands were limited so we opted to go back to the city instead.
  5. I was impressed not just by the clean water and pristine beaches but by the view from the highest points in the islands. If you must go, do it while the place is not yet developed and polluted.







DSCF4557I will update the names and stories behind the pictures above.

As of now because I’m still working and my 1 hour break is done. I have to pause the information of this blog but I will update as soon as possible.

UPDATE: As of April 2018

My laptop was stolen by intruder last October and all my pictures was there since 2014. So i That’s Life parang buhay ng tao. 🙂

So Tara na sa Isla de Gigantes!

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