Seco island is a 2 hour boat ride from Antique. It’s  really a gem for the people of Antique and its fishermen, This was our side trip from our Isla de Gigantes exploration. And I chose this place cause I know that it’s costly to come here in solo. Thanks to my fellow travelers who inspired me to explore my country.



  1. Seco island is a 2.5-hour boat ride from Malalison island and about 3 hour-ride from Culasi port. My friends and I went to the island on December 2016 when the northeast winds are strong, so we weren’t able to see it’s long stretch of sand bar. Locals said it’s better to visit during summer when the sand bar would appear. However, going on December or when amihan is strong would still not disappoint as the water surrounding the island is crystal clear! Also, it’s a bigger chance that there will be less tourists during your visit. There are no restaurants or stores on the island, so it’s better to bring packed meals or ask your boatmen or local guide to cook freshly caught fishes for you. It’s also better if you wear aqua shoes as the sands on the shore are not fine due to the damaged corals from dynamite fishing.
  2. We booked this trip thru Katahum Tours. Before we depart, they gave us orientation and the traditional luy-a for protection. It was a three hour ride to the island from Culasi Port. We were blessed with a good weather and only less than an hour of rough sea as we approach Seco Island. The water has different shades of blue and it is like glass. The island has three coconut trees. There is no fresh water and has only one toilet. We had our tent and we cooked our own food. We came prepared. We had a nice time snorkeling. On our way back the next day, we saw dolphines! Would there be enough time, we would have extended our stay for at least another day.
  3. “It’s normal.” the boat crew said, referring to the sea waves that battered our limping vessel… We braced ourselves on the gas powered fishing boat that vesseled us, occassionally checking our life vests if they’re fastened and worn correctly as the boat climbed and dipped the towering waves. 2 of the crew men continued to repair the dislodged beam mounting it to the side of the vessel. According to some fishermen I know, that fishing boat would have capsized. Shivering in the cold as the water continuously sprayed us with cold water blown by an afternoon wind, one of my friends whispered to me, “I can’t swim.””Nothing’s gonna happen to us” was all I could mutter through purpled lips of mine, i rubbed to drenched back of another one who was already weeping in panic. We traveled from the island around 12:30 pm and reached mainland Antique at 7:00 pm.
  4. A bit far from the mainland so prepare for a long boat ride. But as they say this little island is a hidden treasure indeed. Sparkling blue waters, white sand, cool breeze… Ah just perfect. Make sure you bring loads of sunscreen and food.




Sand of Seco ISland


Crystal clear water


Laking Davao in Seco island – Can you actually see it?


Leaving the island ( Ohhhhhhhhhh, it hurt’s! you know )


The famous tip of SECO ISLAND


Overall Seco is a great place if you want to have a private island with crystal clear water and cold water.

So tara na sa SECO ISLAND!!!!!!


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