Tanke Lagoon is one of the place that you can go if your hopping the islands of Islas de Gigantes. Tanke is one of the highlights or the best place in this island hopping depends on the preference of each individual. I havent been in El nido or Caramoan yet but most of my companion in our group said that it’s like putting certain part of El nido and placed to Islas de Gigantes. I was really amused and now I am more excited to fulfill my dream to go in El nido and Caramoan.

This place was our second stop in our island hopping and it really gave us a positive vibe for the rest of the trip. There’s are certain activities that you can actually do here in Tanke and that includes swimming, cliff jumping, facebook photo shooting and climbing.



I really have difficulty to shoot the place without people and I can’t edit it also because one rule of this blog is to post unedited pictures. So this is the final and this is what you will expect if your going to Tanke Lagoon.

For all information about my trip here you can go to my Isla de gigantes post. Which includes my journey, how to get there and all my magnificent experience in this place.



  1. It’s better to go in Cabugao Gamay first, eat your lunch and go to Tanke Lagoon like what we did. But it also depends on the weather so ask your guide or boatman what will be the best itnerary on that day. But if the weather is ok then go ahead with my itinerary.
  2. Bring extra money- I guess there’s an entrance fee in the area. But it’s better to be prepared than sorry.
  3. Bring water especially if the weather is hot. We are fortunate that at that time that we were there the sun is friendly to us.
  4. Bring your action cam. I was unfortunate that at the time I was there I had no action cam for 360 degree viewing. ( My SJ CAM was lost in CEDAR FALLS )
  5. Just enjoy the moment! 2 hours of resting here is a fruit extracting thing in this place.DSCF4611 Wonderland for travelers


So taRa na sa Tanke Lagoon!!!!


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