Simitzu ISLAND

Simitzu island for me is the ambassador of what El nido can offer. With its mind blowing scenery like mountain cliffs, crystal clear water and its hidden small lagoon, really makes this place as a mirror of what El nido is. Just be careful going to small lagoon cause its quite tricky going inside its lagoon.2016_0203_200240_002

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Entalula Island

What this place captivated me was definitely its milky powder sand. Sand grade really makes my weaknesses more weak and Entalula island gave me one reason to make it to be one of my favorite.23231340_1114146468719119_689696297418306942_n


Hidden Beach

This place was our second stop in our Group C tour. But after we finished exploring this place. I told myself “can we just go home cause I’m already fulfilled”. Yes Hidden Beach is really unearthly beautiful.23130816_1114151442051955_1402963499087740646_n




I consider Nacpan beach as one of my favorite beach in the Philippines. You can expect a nice view with magnificent water color and it’s rock less sand. You will feel paradise in this place and be proud that your from the Philippines. Defining paradise is quite tricky but making Nacpan beach a paradise is undoubtedly true.19260683_1114160818717684_520698558472793901_n



CADLAO Lagoon/Beach

The magic always fascinate us because of the absence of expectation. That’s what Cadlao Lagoon made my journey in El nido unforgettable. It’s truly magical, enchanting, mysterious and unearthly experience. I don’t  know if I’m just exaggerating my reviews but this was truly what I’ve felt through my 6 senses.


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