Nacpan Beach “Solo Travel in Nacpan using single motorcycle”


Struggle going Nacpan Beach

An on and off rain, wait it was not an ordinary rain! Its a combination of typhoon and switch pattern rain which seems a provocation that I should abort my trip. The truth was I was thinking at that time that what if just stayed in my hostel and just sing along “ Tuwing Umuulan “. Anyway it was 8 am when I woke up and its quite late but in bay with cliff beside your room while raining is like sleeping in heaven. After 10 minutes of coffee break I decided to rent a scooter in my hostel for 400 pesos . It was discounted of 100 pesos since it was off season and I was their guest. Before I decide to rent a motorcycle instead availing any tours. I do my own research and most of the blogs really implicate the roughness of pavement going Nacpan beach. At first I told owner od the bikes if they have any XRM or Wave that has big spikes. Unfortunately the only available are their brand new Suzuki scooter. Being brand new is a big plus but being a scooter I wasnt sure.

The start of the struggle

My sense of direction as a rider was not functioning due to unpleasant weather. I straightforward the road going Merimegmeg beach which I assumed it was the only way. But when the rain began to display its power, I immediately stop the bike in a certain store near Merimemeg entrance path. I ask for a bottle of water and ask where is the road heading to Nacpan. The store owner told me that I’ve already passed the right way and I was 2 kilometers away from it. It was late I realized that the road towards Nacpan was just along El nido town near bus terminal. Let us cut the story short and let us go to the struggle area.


The real struggle

If your coming from El nido town, you can see the Nacpan signage from the left. As of 2017, the signage is a liquor brand with color red theme as shown in the picture:


I proceed by passing in a small wooden bridge. Without introduction after 1 minute of ride, the accident prone pavement seems waiting for me with its pool liked mud and unreliable small mountain looked pavement. But there’s no space of backing out… hey we are talking about Nacpan Beach. I must say that I’m not a professional driver and I just used the parable of the turtle beating a rabbit in a running race. I put my feet in the mud for balancing and slowly run through it. I passed 3 accident guaranteed pavement when a van from my back passed through. I stopped for while  to watch how the van will pass the dirt road. And the van looked like a 4×4 light truck with a 33×10.5 r15 tire. Then I imagine what if I’m with a motorcycle with a side car? 23130917_1114159302051169_1955417270489461240_n23130998_1114160195384413_7045419669320106906_n23131858_1114160255384407_8945132255757747355_n

I don’t want to elaborate all things about the struggle…cause fear is not enough to stop us from exploring.  The only reward from their ride journey was that Manong guard told me that I don’t have to pay 50 pesos for the entrance fee. I just bought 3 bananas near guard to calm my nerves and boost my energy.

I stayed in the guard house for 10 minutes to cool down myself from exhilarating ride.

If you want to picture out my journey in Nacpan Beach then this picture below might help you:



Important Question and Answer:

  1. Do you recommend to ride a single motorcyle and do a DIY in Nacpan beach?

Answer: It really depend in what extent you want to take to explore things. If you copare riding a motorcyle in an urban city and El nido. For me its way more safer to ride motorcyle in El nido. In terms of the rough pavement, just follow my suggestion written above. Note: On my way back, I’ve seen a local riding a motorcyle in a fast pace had an accident. So turtle beat a rabbit idea will definitely work here.


  1. How much time did you spend going in Nacpan Beach?

Answer: I spend 45 minutes going Nacpan from El nido town. As I mention I had a misdirection and took 30 minutes of my time.


  1. Is it worth to go in Nacpan beach cause there are some people suggesting to skip Nacpan Beach?

Answer: Do not skip Nacpan beach… its really worth of your time.


  1. What other places have you been since your rented motorcycle is good for 24 hours?

Answer: Yes, I’ve been to other places like Merimegmeg Beach and a certain mangrove park. I tried to go in Corong Corong but 5 out of 5 of locals who I’ve ask told me that the place is ugly since its raining hard.

  1. Is there any other suggestion you want share that are not written above?

Answer: Bring waterproof bag to protect your camera and other important stuff. Either its raining or sunny.It also important to take a picture of the plate number just in case you will be parking in a crowded area with a lot of motorcyles parking the same with you. If your already in Nacpan Beach, you can put your helmet in a store. You can buy anything from candy to softdrinks as a sign of courtesy.


How to go in Nacpan Beach: ( my personal itinerary )

From the Airport I rode a van going to El nido. I suggest contact your hostel for pick up. Yes they get commission but a hassle free looking for a ride is good enough reason to booked ahead of time. From El nido town you can rent a motorcyle or avail inland tour from agency.If your a solo travel you can find a trycle and you can actually haggle it down to 800 pesos since your solo and it includes Merimegmeg Beach.


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