Nacpan Beach

The legit paradise



Searching for the best would really make us more motivated especially if we know that it only one step ahead to be reach. Among 7,000 islands in the Philippine I have the opportunity to explore its one of the best island “ The legit Paradise “ Nacpan Beach ”


General Information:

A 4-kilometre (2.5 mi) stretch of powdery white sand and pristine azure waters which is 45 minutes to an hour away from downtown El Nido via tricycle. This rocky peninsula offers signature views of the twin beaches after a short vertical hike up the trail, but the land was purchased by a private developer in 2016. The developer has plans to build a luxury resort on the grounds. Protests to the sale and the building have come in the form of squatters attempting to reclaim the land. The battle between these two parties has resulted in the property being watched 24 hours by an armed security guard.


Sand quality in Nacpan beach ( Note: its a wet sand because of rain )


What to do in Nacpan Beach:


  1. Rest

When I went there it was an on and off raining day. The advantage of this kind of weather is its not crowded in Nacpan Beach. As you can see in the picture below. You can take this opportunity for meditation and relaxation.


  1. Beach activity

If you are with your friends. There’s a lot of beach activity area that you can play such as volleyball, thug of war, football, and other beach games.


  1. Swimming

Obviously swimming is the main activity that we must experience if we are in the beach. Instinctively there’s one area than you can safely swim infront of the volleyball area. I don’t know to other part of the beach. Its really scrary to swim in an area where no people around. But you can ask the locals around if it is safe to swim in all area of Nacpan Beach.


  1. Shoreline hopping

This is the activity you must try since there’s only one place where people flocked. But the rest of the place would be yours especially in eastern part if your facing at the beach.


  1. Reading your favorite book.

I didn’t do it but what i’ve seen in youtube there are chairs with umbrella than can be rented especially in summer. This is the perfect for reading or just listening to your favorite music. I guess tattood on my mind would be a good choice for mood booster.


  1. Hiking the viewpoint

Maybe this time its open for the public. There’s nothing wrong of trying.


  1. Talk to locals or buy things from locals.

Its not that i lost ideas of things to do in Nacpan. But I saw 2 guys who sells local made bracelet and necklace. It’s not a bad thing to buy something from Nacpan that we can treasure.


  1. Photoshoot

This place is superbly Instagram friendly place. Any rig will do, even a 3 megapixel camera will work in this place. I put a picture below and I titled it ” When you already know what is coming”23130699_1114160675384365_354295337169773268_n


  1. Rent a scooter

I have separate post for this solo travel to Nacpan. In this way you can explore Nacpan beach in your own pace and have unlimited side trips along the way such as falls, mangrove park and beaches.


Face when you are lost

How to go in Nacpan Beach ( my own experience ):

From the Airport I rode a van going to El nido. I suggest contact your hostel for pick up. Yes they get commission but a hassle free looking for a ride is good enough reason to booked ahead of time. From El nido town you can rent a motorcyle or avail inland tour from agency.If your a solo travel you can find a trycle and you can actually haggle it down to 800 pesos since your solo and it includes Merimegmeg Beach.


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TARA nA Guys in Nacpan Beach!!!

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