Loleng’s Mountain Spring Resort review


If theres anything i want to suggest for the resort. That is to improve their amneties in their children playground. My daughter really enjoy their playhouse and she plays there for almost 3 hours. While I was busy cooking for our rice to eat. My children enjoys running to Loleng’s wide playground.


Embarrassing moment

There was a prenup photoshoot when we were there. While the photograher was taking pictures, one of the photograher’s assistant throws birds food to make the pigeons get near.  While I was enjoying there photoshoot I didn’t realized that my son was running towards the birds and trying to scare them. The photographer keep telling my son not to get rid of the birds. Thank God some of the birds flew to the playground and my son followed then.




Loleng Mountain Resort is one of the reason why Davao City is a promising land. Just a 45 minutes ride from the city and you will be rewarded by relaxing atmosphere and coldness from fogs. Even though its a man made park its still captivate you with greenly pine trees and cold like ice pool. Actually what really catch my attention is the solemnity of the place. Its a perfect place for family just to relax. While the nearby resort is full of action act ivies. Here in Lolengs you could enjoy nature’s at its best without the crowd. The place has facilities and amnesties that your families and friends will truly enjoy. They have coffee shop for chit chatting, a chapel, fish pond, wide playground, sports actives, and my favorite the icy cold spring pool.



Things to do in Lolengs Mountain Spring Resort

  1. Picnic

The place has one of the best picnic area around Davao City. You will enjoy the picnic activity as tha breeze of fresh air from the pine trees will definitely refresh your body from intoxicated life in the city.


  1. Swimming

I do remember when a motivational speaker make an article about the benefits of cold water in our body. That makes Loleng’s appealed to my taste. It was so cold my lips was literally shaking. After swimming you will feel revitalize and fresh for tomorrow’s work.


  1. Walking in the pine trees

Best done in early morning as the smell of pure air exudes in your skin. Great for couple walk and meditative place.


  1. Birds feeling

Not my type of activies but my son really enjoy this activity. He took my biscuit, crash into pieces and trown it where the birds flocked.


  1. Sports Activies

If your a sporty kind of person you can also check their sports activity area such as basketball, volleyball and tennis. In a cold and foggy place like Lolengs, producing some sweat is a not bad idea.


How to get to Loleng’s Mountain Spring Resort


From Davao City airport



With the current taxi meter policy the fare would probably from 450 to 600 pesos.

It will took 1 hour to get to this place.


If your in a budget mode and you have no problem with multiple ride. Then riding a jeep will be your best option. From Davao Airport, ride a UM, San Pedro, and Acacia bound jeepney. Tell the driver to drop you off in Marco polo or Acacia. From Acacia you can walk around 100 meters tn Aldevinco. From Aldevinco ride a Toril bound jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off at Mercury Drug Toril. There’s a lot of motorcycle in Mercury Drug to bring you directly to Loleng’s.


 Jeepney and motorcycle fare ( One way )

Davao airport to Aldevinco ( jeepney ) 8.00
Aldevinco to Toril ( jeepney ) 20.00
Toril to Lolengs ( habal2 or tricycle ) 100.00
Total 128 pesos
Note: Going back from Lolengs can be haggle up to 50 pesos.


 For more information:

Eden-Bayabas, Toril, Davao City
Telephone Nymber : 301-0001 (Maia’s Cafe)
For reservations call Davao Tower Inn (6382) 221-1099
Fax Number : (6382) 221-8034

Walk-in Rates 50 pesos as of 2017 Children below 10 is free

Fore more information about their rooms and amnesties rates: Loleng’s Mountain Spring Resort


So tara na Guyz.,., Kung nasa Davao ka punta na tayo sa Loleng;s Mountain Spring Resort


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