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I came here for 4 times already but still i miss the gorgeous and sexy shore of Dahican. Blue water with soft white sand truly this place is still a hid gem for filipinos. Unlike other high graded beach in the Philippine, Dahican is located in Mindanao which has always been a victim of negative news regarding security.this might be an advantage for locals who wants to enjoy the place without foreigners roaming around with their bikinis and stuff. Dahican is always been quoted as the Boracay of Mindanao. But i disagree with this one . Dahican has its own characteristic that zero percent non existent in Boracay. It has a perfect wave for surfing, clean, uncrowded and it has a good vibes somewhere in the eastern area if your facing on the beach. There’s only few resorts but if your kinda sossy, maarte, maldita type then Menzy resort would be your best option.


Things to do in Dahican Beach:

  1. Surfing- most people here in Mindanao who love’s surfing go in Dahican for several reason. Good vibes, cheaper and more nearer to other major cities such as Davao City and General Santos. menzi


  1. Beach Volleyball – Less crowd with wide smooth sand makes this place is really the mecca of beach volleyball in the Philippines.


  1. Visiting the good vibes environment in Amihan beach- most talented surfer in this place will never succeed without the touch of this Amihan community. They have good surfer who shares their talent to the kids of Mati. Camping, surfing, and good vibes environment makes this place unique.


  1. Resorts hopping- in my 4 years of resorts hopping. Technically Dahican was my first beach to make this kind of activity. I started in Amihan beach which is the eastern part of Dahican if your facing the beach. Then I did walked up to Menzi Beach Resort which is the opposite end of Amihan beach.
  1. Relax with its blue scenic water- the best thing to do in Dahican is to take your long towel, grab your favorite book, and leave your mind from cynical world.


Best place to go near Dahican Beach.

  1. Sleeping Dinosaur

Definitely the second most popular place in Mati. It serve you beautiful scenery that looked like a dinosaur at the sea. And whats more good thing about it is it is free. You can check my jhkgkjgjhnadajgtm.


  1. Mati Baywalk

To experience Mati in a lacal way. You must go to the town and go to baywalk as you can see the locals of Mati. I saw people from different form of society like teachers, police, couple, family and students who shares the baywalks refreshing view.


  1. Ultralight aircraft ride

I haven’t tried it personally but my cousin told me that it is must try activity in Mati. Maybe this would be one of the many reasons to come back.


  1. Subangan Musuem

Not really my type of activity but since it is only around the town  we dicided to give it a try. In my surprise, its a fusion of modern design and historical artifacts. But the center of attention would be the giant fossil of a whale. We only stayed 30 mins. cause it was supposedly closed because it was weekend. But in anyway my friend negotiated for us to go in.


  1. Masao beach

Another reason to come back. But you can check ,&’$?-?,:).?.



Resorts in Dahican Beach ( Visited personally )

  1. Amihan beach ( budget for backpacker )

As I wrote earlier, this place is perfect for tribe kind of style of travelling. You just have to pitch your tent and your ready to go. You can stay here as long as you want if your really into nomadism. One thing that I didn’t like is there’s no proper bathroom. They have small nipa bathroom but I don’t consider it hygenic.Note: This impression of mine was my experienced last 2016.



  1. Kubo sa Dahican ( Budget for both backpacker and family )

Don’t be confuse if I will tell you that this resort is not located in the famous Dahican beach. It got its name from their barangay which named Barangay Dahican. This mistake was experienced by our HR department cause they booked in this place thinking its just infront of the famous shoreline. But for me it was a blessing in disguise. I saw the old Dahican in this area. I did a 1 kilometer walked in its shore. Its kinda dirty not because of plastics but by fallen leaves and coconuts. It only proves that its still untouched and secluded. Which is my favorite thing.


  1. Kanakbai Resort ( High end Resort )

As a soloist and backpacker, yes I stayed here but this was sponsored by my boss before. There’s only 2 villas that you can rent. So we are the only people in that day and the feeling of solemnity really makes this place special.


  1. Menzi Resort ( Budget for family and friends )

This is definitely my favorite resort in Dahican beach. With its nice looking cottages and amneties. You will not think that this place is a budget friendly resort. This is also the place where you can see the Eiffel tower of Mati for selfie enthusiast the “ I love Mati ” signage.




How to get to Dahican beach:


From Davao International airport, you can hire a taxi to going to Mati bound terminal. There are 2 option that you may take via taxi or jeep.



Van terminal is much nearer compared to the bus terminal. Just ride a taxi and your ready to go.

If your a budget traver, jeepney would be your best option. In front of the airport, there are jeepneys that has UM, Ponciano, Bolton, Bajada, San Pedro and Gmall bound signage. All places mention are going to the route passing Gmall. Just ask the driver to drop you off in Gmall. The terminal just in the back of Burger King outlet.



The common problem of being inside the van is the leg room.

If your unfortunate to be at the center between two passenger. Then I would say “ good luck” in your 3 to 4 hours journey.





More leg room and its definitely more comfortable.

A little bit faster than riding a van

Free movies while your in the road



Bus terminal is far from the airport. Its located in Ecoland. You can take a taxi from the airport going to Ecoland Bus Terminal.

If your taking a jeepney, from the airport take a jeepney same route I suggested if your taking a van. The only difference is you have to stop a little bit farther. Tell the driver to to drop you at Acacia. From Acacia you can just walk going Aldevinco. From Aldevinco, take a jeep bound to Toril and tell the driver to drop you off at bus terminal. They will drop you not directly in the bus terminal rather in Jollibee outlet. From Jollibee, you can just walk across  street going to the terminal.


Note: If you arrive between 7am to 5pm in Davao. You can just wait on the main road just in front of the airport. Ask the guard where is the best place to wait for the bus bound to Mati. In this way you will save a lot from taxi fare


Terminal in Mati:

Either bus or van, the cheapest and more convenient to go in Dahican beach is to ride habal2 or tricycle. It will cost you 40 to 50 pesos each for habal2. And 100 to 120 for the whole tricycle.

Note: Its better to ask your driver’s contact number if you want to be fetch going back to the terminal. You can also ask them if you want to visit some place of interest around Mati town.

So tara na sa Dahican Beach 🙂

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