Sohoton Cove National Park  The best place in Mindanao

MArk-A Beach


Sohoton have always been compared to El nido or qouted “ the small El nido of the Philippines” I will now have authority to comment on this debate since I’ve already been in El nido 4 months ago. Even its near in Siargao which been a tourist destination from other country. It is still not touristy since going here is quite expensive and not as popular liked Boracay, Palawan and Cebu. In my analysis, since most of the foreiners has already been in some places in Palawan like El nido and Coron before going to Siargo. With that said most people would think that they will not enjoy Sohoton since they were alreay tired from their jam pack activies in Palawan. In my opinion, you will truly miss a lot if you will not add Sohoton in your bucket list. There..

How to get Sohoton

Manila or Cebu

From Surigao Airport,walk towards the highway and look for multicab bound for Surigao Integrated terminal. Fare is 10 pesos. From the terminal you can hop for a van or bus bound. You can choos between Tandag, Cantilan, and Hayanggabon bound van or bus. To be sure you can ask the conductor or driver to drop you at Hanggabon port crossing with a fare of 120 to 150. From the port you may ride a passenge boat heading to Socorro town for 100 to 120 or just look for boat operator for hire to bring you to any resorts in Sohoton bay. It will cost you 3000 to 3500 roundtrip and it includes Sohoton Cove and nearby place of attraction.

From Butuan Airport, just outside the airport. Look for a van bound to either Tandag or Cantilan. Just tell the driver to drop you at Hanggabon port crossing. Fare is rougly 250 to 300 pesos.

From Davao City Airport, ride a taxi going to Ecoland terminal its around 200 to 250 dependimg on traffic. But if your in a budget. Look for a jeepney bound for UM university or Bolton. Tell the driver to drop you either in Acacia or drop off near Marco polo. Either way is a short walk going to Aldevinco. From Aldevinco, ride again another jeepney and look for Toril bound jeep. Tell the driver to drop you at Ecoland bus terminal. The driver will drop you at Jollibee outlet then you just have to walk for about 5 minutes. Fare would be 8 pesos for each ride.



I did 2 jumps from 2 diving spot in Sohoton area. The fist one was an obligatory jump in Makukuob cave. Actually the place is quite decieving. When your looking from below the diving spot looks low. Whith that idea in mind you are encourage to try. Inside the cave you have to climb upward till you reach the diving area. But when you are already in the diving area. You will realize that it looks high enough to make your knees shaking. If your plan b is to get back inside the cave. Forget it cause guide will discourage you to do that because it doubles the danger compare to hiking up. If your plan C is to call Ironman then you must have Tony’s number from now on. The second diving spot was in Hidden Lagoon. Both have the same height but in this place you can back out. For instagram diving spot:)

Beach hopping

There are 2 beaches in our island hopping that been one of the highlights of the tour. We’ve been in Mark-a beach and Hidden beach.  Mark-a beach is located few meters from the Sohoton National Park registration area. It is white beach although not full sand but it has a nice water and great view. If your in Mark-a beach, you will realize that it has a resemblance of the famous El nido beaches. In Hidden beach, it is called hidden beach because the beach is under the water. What I loved about this place is you can actually walk in the beach by barefoot and it has crystal clear water. Did I mentioned that infront of this place is a creepy island? Go to Hidden beach and experience it to yourself.



I am proud to say that my first caving experience  was done in Sohoton.  In our tour we went to Makukuob and Bolitas cave. Bolitas cave as the biggest, it has a crystalline  stalactites and stalagmites with different kinds of figures.

You may check our video in Hagukan Cave:

Visiting the jellyfish Sanctuary

I wasn’t able to see a lot of jellyfish because at that time when we were there it was not the season of the jellyfish. But I saw one in Mark-a beach while I was under the water. I just can’t tell if its a none poisonous one. I ask our guide when is the right month to see this tiny creatures and he said between march to April. We are 1 month late since we went there at the month of June.


I wasn’t able to snorkel but I saw one blog that actually did it and they write wonderful things about snorkeling in Sohoton. Perhaps this will be one of the top reason to come back.


Check our video of all our activites in Sohoton:

Other Videos in Sohoton:

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Place of Interest

  1. Hagukan Cave
  2. Makukuob Cave
  3. Mark A beach
  4. Bolitas Cave
  5. Hidden Beach
  6. Tiktikan Lagoon
  7. Clun Tara Resort
  8. Turtle Island

So Tara na GuYZ sa Sohoton Cove National Park

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