5. Rohan Travel and Tours

My review of Rohan can’t be manifest into full context because I haven’t experience their tour personally. I was able to do a transaction with Rohan when my tita from abroad ask me that she want to go in Laswitan. Since at that time they are the only tour that has the same schedule the same with my tita’s availability. What I like about Rohan was when I ask them to put my tita in the window seat they comply. That small details of service commitment is big plus for me. By the way, the request was an act of pa “ importante ” request. My tita is already a senior citizen but with a badge of touring 20 percent countries around the world. I guess its a valid request. 🙂


  1. Travel Hugger

I booked my Bukidnon tour with maam Rolyn 3 weeks before the actual tour. The meeting place was in 7/11 branch Ecoland near John Paul College. There was a slight delay for about 1 hour and 30mins. I thought the tour was going to be cancelled but the 5 vans came and we proceed our tour. Maybe one thing that I want to suggest is the system for passenger. Within 10 minutes I had to tranfes seats for 3 times just because other clients was too maarte. But overall I still like Travel Hugger, add to that they have one loyal customer who caught my attention. I call her the “cute curly”.


  1. Joy Lim Nobleza

I booked my Kapatagan tour last January of 2017. I guess they are the one that makes Kaptagan a trending place to visit in 2017. Overall it was a smooth ride, no hassle, and well organized. The only thing that I was quite confused was the slight discripancy of payment. Its understandable since it was an affliated tour.


  1. Team laagan Adventours

I love the travel principles of this team. Owned by Maam Agnes a certified tipid backpacker and explorer. With his husband, we went to Iligan, Marawi, Cotabato City, Maguindao, Tangub City, Malabang and a lot more. In our whole duration in the road, I didn’t felt that I was their client but instead an adapted traveler by this lovely couple.



  1. Bajenting Travel and Tours

If we are talking about smooth ride, well organized group, comfortable seat, and best service then Bajenting travel and tours perfectly specialize this qualities. I booked with them for several times like in Agusan Del Norte, Asik -asik falls, Mati. Baganga and Cateel. Their van air condition is cold and it gives you a comfortable feeling if you want to sleep along the way. They also consider your seat comfort by limiting its passenger into the van’s minimum number of capacity. Overall its my number one personal choice here in Davao city based on service, comfort, and experience.



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