Cabgan Island

If we are talking about seclusion and hidden place in the world. Then Cabgan “was” the place that you looking for. Before my visit in Cabgan Island there are only few blogs post that you can see in the internet. And that makes me curious and excited since I love places that are not popular to avoid crowd and experience the true essence of nature. My group TOP initialised an event in Barobo last February of 2017 and I was lucky that I was given a sudden leave by my boss. From Davao bus terminal I headed to Butuan for 6 hours since majority of the group are from Caraga region. From Mcdonald Butuan we rode a private van and started our journey in one of the most hidden place in Surigao in Barobo. I’m not going to elaborate all the place that we’ve been through since this blog article is focusing in our Barobo journey. We headed to Barobo past 3pm and we rode a 30 people capacity banka going to Cabgan. There was a slight delay because of some technicalities but there was a guy who makes us entertain by swimming and wooing one of our colleagues. It was funny moment and boredom was not existed at that time. And we started our journey by passing the community river and I was amazed how they managed to make it clean considering the people around it. For almost 40 minutes with calm water, there was no any problem whatsoever. We are lucky enough that a family which the only people who stayed there before us was ready to depart. In short our group will keep the island exclusively.

It’s hard to explain the feeling that I had at that time. It was a combination of joy, solemnity and amazement. White soft sand will truly makes your feet stock for a while. My eyes was full of joy seeing the bluish water of Cabgan. It was truly amazing moment of being alive and reborn again with new perspective.

How to get to in Cabgan Island

If coming from Davao City:

Ride a bus bound to Surigao City and tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Barobo municipality. From there you can ask if where is the old market or just say that you are going to Cabgan Island. Behind the market you can rent a pump boat that will take you to Cabgan Island. You can rent it from 1k to 1.5k round trip . It’s depend on the people capacity and your negotiation skills.

Tips before going:

1. Bring your tent- the most important thing to consider if your planning to stay overnight in Cabgan.

2. Food and water- Cabgan is a secluded island and no one even an indian will bring you food if your tummy is hungry.

3. Bring sports- if your in a group, bring volleyball, badminton, chess or any sports activities that will beat boredom.

4. Insect repellent- even I had no problem with insects when I was in Cabgan. As a tropical island, it’s really a prerequisite.

5. Picture taking- if your lucky enough you can have this whole island by yourself like we had. No more editing.

If you want experience Cabgan Island so pack your things and tara na sa Cabgan Island!!!!


All pictures posted are not edited.

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