Libuacan was our second stop in our Barobo Exploration with my group TOP. I knew beforehand that we are going to Libuacan but with less expectation. But i guess it is true that less expectation has more revelation. When our group arrived at Libuacan cold spring at first I was hesitant to swim. I just told myself that I’m reserving my shirt for the beach. But when I saw some of my group dive into the water and saw the enjoyment in their faces. I told myself that my decision was wrong. After 30 minutes of jealousy and despair , I took my dry fit shirt and shorts and dive in to the cold water of Libuacan.

This is not me 🙂

The day before we went to Libuacan. My mentor told me that there was a typhoon that hits eastern part of Mindanao and it includes Libuacan. Maybe that’s the reason why I had difficulty in swimming in Libuacan because the current is quite strong. So before swimming here you have to check the waters current before diving in.

About the place:

Libuacan cold spring is perfect for group gathering. The water is cold and refreshing that makes my body rejuvenated. The water is also clean and clear as matter of fact the vendor told me that before the typhoon some of the locals took water here for drinking. But I don’t recommend it guys.

How to get to Libuacan Cold Spring

Libuacan is located in Barangay Maglambing, Tagbina Surigao Del sur. If your planning to go either in Enchanted river or Tinuy-an Falls, you can include this spring in your sidetrip. If your coming from Davao City ride a bus in Ecoland bus terminal bound to Butuan. Tell the driver to drop you at San Francisco crossing. From the crossing you can ride a bus or jeep going to Tagbina. And from Tagbina you can ride a habal2 going to Libuacan.


Yes I definitely recommend this place especially if you want a deep diving spot since Enchanted river is now closed for swimming.

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