Bega Falls of Agusan Del Sur


A still unpopular place for Filipinos but this falls has enormous potential in tourism not only in Mindanao but in the whole Philippines. Prior to my visit, my expectation was not that high and I thought it’s just an ordinary fall that a must to visit when you’re in Agusan. But when I saw the falls, the first word that comes into my mind was “wow”. It’s big and enormously beautiful. Unlike other falls that are crowded due to its popularity. The Bega falls still enjoys majority by their locals and other Mindanao’s. So coming here on weekdays might surprise you that you will have the falls exclusively.

My group TOP organized Barobo Exploration last February 2017 and Bega falls was our first stop. Actually, it’s not part of Barobo but since the road towards Surigao was along the way which the Bega is located. The team included the Bega falls as part of our side trip.

The Bega falls is huge and it has a similarity of Tinago Falls in Iligan in terms of height and beauty. Same with Tinago falls, Bega is now also a resort that makes it more organized to visit. It also has concrete cottages perfect for family and friends gathering. My favorite character of Bega falls is its enchanting beauty not only in the main falls but all the falls surrounds it. Just imagine the movie “ Enteng kabisote” and you will have now an idea what kind of beauty Bega falls has. What I didn’t like about going Bega falls was the road along the way. But when we went there as of February of 2017 it was under construction.

Things to do in Bega falls

1. Cliff Jumping – Personally I haven’t tried to dive in the falls since the water was strong. But I saw one of the group member in his Facebook account who did dive in the falls when Bega’s water wasn’t strong.

2. Swimming – With it’s crystal clear water and icy cold water. Swimming is the best activity in Bega.

3. Going Around falls hopping- I saw 3 falls along the way before my feet set to the biggest falls.

Credit to the owner

Pinas muna

How to get to Bega Falls

From Davao City, I went to Ecoland bus terminal to ride a bus going Butuan. Tell the driver or conductor to drop you at Awa junction. From Awa junction hire a habal2 motorcycle to bring you to the Bega falls. It cost 100 pesos or one way. From the entrance, you can proceed to the falls by foot with a concrete stairway and soil combined.

Around the Bega falls

When you reach the 400 steps challenge. You will see an enchanting liked falls in the area with concrete cottages in front of it. But it’s not the main Bega yet. From there you still have to walk for 5 minutes by ascending to see the main falls or the biggest falls. It’s just unfortunate that our time was only limited to 1 hour since the Bega falls wag only part of our side trip. I guess this will be the main reason for me to come back along with my family.

So tara na guys as Bega Falls:)


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