When my friend told me that we were going to D’ Leonor resort. I was expecting it was just a hotel that has a motel design building since what I’ve remembered was the D’leonor near Victoria Plaza. We rode a closed type multicab with my children. Since I wasn’t prepared for my ignorance of the place I was wondering a little when they riding in a different direction. I almost told them that it was the wrong way but while they had a conversation about the place it seems that they knew where they were going.


I was in shock when we arrived at the place first it was my first time and second, the place is really a classy place which contradicted my expectation. Honestly, I haven’t heard so much of D’Leonor before I went there. We arrived at the lobby and booked for the room and since we were like a barangay we have to book 2 rooms sponsored by my wife’s sister. We arrived past 7 so we immediately went to their restaurant. The food is ok and not bad at all. If there was a special taste in their food I will definitely remember it.

After the fiesta liked food ambush we headed to their villas. Their rooms are ok without a doubt and again nothing special since we took the cheapest rooms I guess. Like I said it was sponsored but the way I saw the design and size I knew it’s one of the cheapest. I had a good night sleep because their aircon was strong and that’s a kudos for D’ Leonor.


Morning of D’Leonor

I woke up at 6 am and I had my coffee break and I immediately explore D’Leonors surroundings. The place is beautiful and the size of the resort has a similarly of Eden Garden in Toril. There’s a lot of places to explore perfectly for couple walk and children. The only cons in this place was the fast cart ( late na sa meeting ride ). But aside from that D’Leonor is a lovely place.


Activities in D’Leonor

  1. Hanging Bridge is definitely a must try activities. It’s not tall to fall perfect for people who who hates heights and for children.10592727_896591243703083_3466951998561456212_n

2. Swimming- their swimming pool area is one of the most beautiful pool i’ve ever seen. They have a pirate and sea creature theme that makes this place perfect for your children.10530903_896593550369519_1318595934969385864_n

3. Cart ride- they have cart ride if you want to explore D’leonors surroundings.


4. Children’s rides- actually this is my favourite activities in D’leonor. I guess this activities makes my child heart alive. I rode their dragon coaster, bumps, and their heart pumping viking’s ride.10639679_896591537036387_286606572485363192_n



D’Leonor is a great place to stay if your in Davao City and wants to explore Davao with your kids. I your a Davaoeños its the perfect place for family and friends gatherings just prepare extra bucks.


How to get to D’Leonor Inland Resort

If your coming from the Airport the best thing to ride is definitely a taxi. Just tell the driver that your heading to D’Leonor resorts.If your a Davaoeños and you are with a baranggay like counts of people then renting a jeepney would be the best option.

So Tara na guys,.,., Tayo na sa D’Leonor Inland Resort 🙂

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