Malagos Garden Resort


Malagos Garden is one of the oldest and popular place to visit when you’re in Davao City.  It’s a 1.5 hours ride if you’re taking a commuter jeep and 1-hour ride if you’re going to ride a taxi or a private car. A vibrant and relaxing place perfect for family and friends. Your children will surely enjoy its children amenities and pools. This is my 3rd time in this place. First when I was in high school, second last 2015 when our great President was still the Mayor of our city. You can’t resist its charm and its cold temperature especially in early morning and late afternoon. It’s like a Japanese garden with a Filipino touch.



Looking back and if I compare the place. Malagos garden really makes a big development in their resort since the President took the office. I guess it was an obligatory development since the President loves to bring his guess in this place from other countries like the President of Japan. There’s a lot of changes from the balcony, chairs, and amenities. It’s really a 65% transformation from 2015.


What to do in Malagos Garden Resort

  1. Science Park- I don’ t have the opportunity to explore this place but I know it’s something beneficial for the students.
  2. Farm Animal – yes there’s a mini zoo here in Malagos Garden Resort and you can interact with them by what they called petting area which you can touch the animals like the rabbits, goat, and other farm animals.
  3. Birds- For 10 pesos you can already feed the birds for the Instagram post. They also have picture taking for parrots and cockatoo for 20 pesos. ( Nigel I miss you )
  4. Butterfly watching- I only saw few but it was afternoon. I guess morning will be the best time to visit this place for butterflies viewing.
  5. Outdoor activities- I guess this is one of the new activities in Malagos Garden Resort. They have bike zip line, wall climbing, hanging bridge and other activities that outdoor enthusiast will truly enjoy.
  6. Pool- it’s not the pool in Davao City but if you have kids then this might be your best place to hang out.
  7. Bird show- Every weekend
  8. Foods- they have resto if you don’t want to bring foods. And this is the place to buy the famous Malagos Chocolate bar which is now internationally recognized as one of the best natural cocoa chocolate in the world. ( Sorry Milka )
  9. Horse Riding- for 150 each you can ride their horse like a king.
    Tower- you can also check their wood tower which you will have an eagle view of the surroundings of the resort.


How to get to Malagos Garden:

By commuting: If you’re coming from downtown. You just have to look for Calinan bound jeepney just beside Ateneo De Davao at Roxas. I’m not sure with the fare but it will not cost beyond 40 pesos. From Calinan proper just tell the driver to drop you off where you can find tricycle bound to Malagos Garden. Or you can just drop at any place in Calinan and look for a tricycle. Don’t worry it is just near to the city proper.

By taxi: Anywhere in Davao and it will cost 700 to 1000 pesos from the city of Davao.


  Si White Kabaw


  1. If your in a budget I suggest you eat first in Calinan proper.
  2. Go either early morning or late afternoon. Some folks told me that its really cold in the morning. And in my experience there’s a relaxing air that bounce on the trees that makes a goosebumps on my skin. Go to this place and you will know what I mean.
  3. Bring at least 2 liters of water. Malagos Garden is huge and you will tour around this place by foot.
  4. If you want to see butterflies I suggest go early morning like 8 am.
  5. If your with your kids, walk around Malagos Garden Resort first before you bring your kids to the swimming pool. This gives you refreshing feel before going home.

So guys TaRA na and adto nata sa Malagos Garden Resort!!!!!


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