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Malabang Tunnel ” The Busan Tunnel”

Unplanned stop from our Cotabato Exploration, this is the place where my friends discourage me to go to. But they were too late because when I told them about the tunnel I was already been there. Even my FB friends... Continue Reading →


Grand Mosque ” Grand of them all”

Grand Mosque of Cotabato is the largest mosque in the Philippines. And this is also one of my favorite destination in Mindanao. It's grand and elegance will drop you jaw into a sink hole especially if you get inside the... Continue Reading →

Pink Mosque ” Pink of love mosque “

December 24th of 2016 we went here as part of our Oplan Maguindano adventure. This was our last stop before going back to Davao city. This place is not only unique for its pink color mosque but most of the... Continue Reading →

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