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Nasuli Cold Spring of Bukidnon

Nasuli cold spring was our last stop in our Mount Capistrano trek. It’s a perfect place to go to if you’re coming from a tiring and sweaty hike. In this article I will share my experience and what makes this... Continue Reading →


Mount Capistrano

One of my favorite travel vlogger from Mindanao featured Mount Capistano in his blog. The unique ock formation of Mount Capistrano really captivated my nerves to hike this mountain. It took me 6 months before my Mount Capistano destiny cross... Continue Reading →

Lake Apo

Lake Apo of Bukidnon Peace and serenity   Lake Apo is a crater lake in Barangay Guinoyoran of Valencia Bukidnon. It was awarded before for being the cleanest inland body of water in Northern Mindanao. This body of water has... Continue Reading →

Cedar Falls of Bukidnon

Cedar Falls The hardest article to write   I don’t have any pictures of the falls around CEDAR. I even don’t have the picture of the cold spring. If you follow my blogs before. I’ve always mention the action camera... Continue Reading →

Kipilas Falls ( Majestically Beautiful )

The Majestic Falls            It’s really amazing to know that one of the most beautiful falls in the Philippines is just a 2 hour ’s drive from our home. For me, Kapilas falls is the home... Continue Reading →



Kapayawan Ridge ” Little Pulag “

           Kapayawan ridge is a 2-hour hiking activity in Bukidnon. It's a good preparatory climb if you want to hike a major mountain like Mt. Kitanglad or Mt. Apo. Going to this place is 4/10 difficulty... Continue Reading →

Mount Kalatungan “The knee crusher”

Mount Kalatungan was my second major climb in my mountaineering career after Mount Apo. And I realize that all mountain has its own charm, different characteristics and different level of difficulties. That's what I've experience in Mount Kalatungan- Wiji traverse... Continue Reading →

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