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Bega Falls

Bega Falls of Agusan Del Sur Overview Still unpopular place for Filipinos but this falls has enormous potential in tourism not only in Mindanao but in the whole Philippines. Prior to my visit my expectation was not that high and... Continue Reading →


Libuacan Cold Spring

Libuacan was our second stop in our Barobo Exploration with my group TOP. I knew beforehand that we are going to Libuacan but with less expectation. But i guess it is true that less expectation has more revelation. When our... Continue Reading →

Cabgan Island of Barobo

Cabgan Island of Barobo

Sohoton Cove National Park

Sohoton Cove National Park  The best place in Mindanao Overview Sohoton have always been compared to El nido or qouted “ the small El nido of the Philippines" I will now have authority to comment on this debate since I've... Continue Reading →


Vanishing Island of BAROBO

There's a lot of hidden and unexplored island in Mindanao. That's why I'm lucky enough to explore Vanishing Island of Barobo. It was 10:00 am when we arrived in this island from our overnight stay in Capgan Island. Similar to... Continue Reading →

Tidal Pool of Dinagat Island ( Pangabangan Island )

  Have you seen the movie " The Beach "? It's one of my favorite movie acted by Leo Di Caprio. I thought it's only in imagination to go to such paradise that makes your saliva melt to null. Now... Continue Reading →

Cagwait Beach ” Indeed a cream “

Cagwait beach has it's own definition of beauty and this beach is part of my top 10 favorite beach here in Mindanao. It's cream look like sand and 'C' shape curve makes this place special. Cagwait was part of our... Continue Reading →

Villa Azarcon ” Fun for Family “

Villa Azarcon has it's own charm that irresistible for a traveler for his family. There's is a Mini Zoo for the kids that will enhance their awairnes about animals. There's also a cottage that will your feet wet. What I... Continue Reading →

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