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Temple of Leah ” The Athens of Cebu “

Temple of Leah Temple of Leah was our 3rd stop in our Cebu highland tour using habal-habal motorcycle. This temple was constructed by the late Teodorico Soriano Adarna. He is the father of the popular and controversial actress Ellen Adarna.... Continue Reading →


Taoist Temple of Cebu

Taoist Temple of Cebu   All about Taoist Temple of Cebu     I remember when I was still in my grade school years Taoist Temple was covered in a newspaper representing Cebu city as one of its tourist spot. Build... Continue Reading →

Sirao Flower Garden of Cebu

Sirao Flower Garden Sirao Garden Flower or some called this place as the mini Amsterdam of Cebu, was our first stop in our Cebu mountain tour. It took us 30 minutes ride using habal-habal from the city proper of Cebu.... Continue Reading →

Cebu City Tour under 150 pesos

Cebu City Tour under 150 pesos.   Yes you heard it right! Under 50 pesos you can check all the places that I’ve included in my list.   First timer in Cebu? Are you a backpacker? Are you a budget... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Paradise of Bantayan Island of Cebu

Bantayan Island     Don’t tell everyone that Bantayan Island is my favorite beach in the Philippines... The sand is not fine as Boracay, it’s not secluded liked in Cabgan Island and it has no big waves to surf for.... Continue Reading →

Osmena Peak of Cebu

    Osmena Peak The mountain with the green tattoo   Our initial plan was to explore only the northern part of Cebu and its city. But my traveler feet was just too unpredictable and we did 1 southern tour.... Continue Reading →

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