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Iloilo City Tour

Food Lovers Paradise   My Iloilo City experience was initially not part of my bucket list. But since this was the most cost efficient to go in Boracay at that time, I had no choice but to put Iloilo to... Continue Reading →



Tanke Salt water Lagoon ” The lost kid of Palawan”

Tanke Lagoon is one of the place that you can go if your hopping the islands of Islas de Gigantes. Tanke is one of the highlights or the best place in this island hopping depends on the preference of each... Continue Reading →

Seco Island, Antique ” The hidden Gem that must be explored ‘

  Seco island is a 2 hour boat ride from Antique. It's ┬áreally a gem for the people of Antique and its fishermen, This was our side trip from our Isla de Gigantes exploration. And I chose this place cause... Continue Reading →

Isla de Gigantes Island Tour

      Overview: All island hoppers knows that eyerytime we avail an island hoping tour there's definitely a 2 to 3 highlights and the rest would be just a time waster place. But Isla gigantes of iloilo is different.,... Continue Reading →

Bakhawan Eco-Park ( What a walk! )

Bakhawan was considered as one of the biggest mangrove park in the Philippines and it didn't surprise me when I walked 1 kilometer just to view this magnificent place of Kalibo. When we got in Ceres bus terminal we ask... Continue Reading →

Boracay “The best beach in the world”

  Summer of 2017, when I went to Boracay as part of my Panay expedition with my team in Mindanao. I still have 3 days before I will meet my group so I decided to go solo in Iloilo, Guimaras,... Continue Reading →

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