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My Nacpan Beach solo journey

Nacpan Beach The legit paradise   Overview: Searching for the best would really make us more motivated especially if we know that it only one step ahead to be reach. Among 7,000 islands in the Philippine I have the opportunity... Continue Reading →


DIY in Nacpan Beach using Scooter

Nacpan Beach “Solo Travel in Nacpan using single motorcycle"   Struggle going Nacpan Beach An on and off rain, wait it was not an ordinary rain! Its a combination of typhoon and switch pattern rain which seems a provocation that... Continue Reading →

Budget Solo Travel in El nido

Budget solo travel in El nido How I survive 6800 pesos in 5 days and 4 nights   Overview There's a lot of blogs now showing  how they manage to budget from 5k to 10k. But its always depend on... Continue Reading →

Bantayan Island Escape

Poetry: The symbol of you is what you've explored in this world.     By Abisoda     Overview: Beautiful place with its own character of charm and solemnity. Truly a soul enhancing place in the north of Cebu. We had a... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Places in EL nido

#5 Simitzu ISLAND Simitzu island for me is the ambassador of what El nido can offer. With its mind blowing scenery like mountain cliffs, crystal clear water and its hidden small lagoon, really makes this place as a mirror of... Continue Reading →

Guide in El nido for Solo traveler

  Overview:  Some people said that El nido is the best place in the Philippines. With this strong statement from others , this is one of the place that Filipino dream of. I packed my bags and explre the most... Continue Reading →

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